November offer ǀ Outerwear

Save 200€ on outdoor

Join our November special offer. You save 200€ on the outerwear pieces. You have the free choice.

Get a reinvented trench coat in "Bavaria Loden". A Loden coat is perfect for this weather. Loden is naturally water-repellent. With our coat Martin you will be not only perfect dressed it protects you from rain, wind and cold.

If you like a bit more casual choose the over sized jacket Jochen. This jacket has a hood and an extra big front flap. Due to the flap a scarf is unnecessary. It makes it really practical to wear. The jacket is made of "Bavaria Loden" in a sophisticated color block of black and anthracite. A whiff of Streetwear you will get if you go for the fabric combination of loden and camouflage Jacquard. Only your taste decides which jacket fits your personal style.

Are you a trendsetter? Than you will select our men cape Christoph. We designed a special garment for you. The cape has separate sleeves. It will not limit your freedom of movement. Also this cape is made of Loden or combined with a camouflage Jacquard. Additional features as the hood and the extra flap make possible to enjoy the Autumn weather.

Grab your chance to save 200€. 

Your smart choice

The asymmetric trench coat will fit in your business life as in your casual time. You can choose between Loden in brown or black. More exclusive is the variation in a double-face check.

Your casual choice

This over-sized jacket has a hood and a flap. The flap makes a scarf unnecessary. You can choose between a subtle color block or of a fabric combination. Camouflage Jacquard combined with Loden gives a exciting contrast between organic and tech.

Your trendy choice

Trendsetter will choose the cape. The look is like a usual cape. A special pattern prevents the disadvantages of a cape. Separate sleeves make it possible to move like in a normal jacket. Also this style is available in subtle color or fabric block.

Buy the styles

Coat Martin Black

Coat Martin Brown

Coat Martin Check

Jochen Color Block

Jochen Camo

Christoph Color Block

Cape Jochen Camo

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