X-mas gift

Your prayers have been heard!

Did you pray for an exceptional X-mas gift for your friend, husband or even better for yourself? We heard of your prayers. Our X-mas gift for you is 30% discount on the entire winter collection.

You like to give a sophisticated gift than you find the right item in our winter collection. We offer a wide range of exclusive garments. Even the most demanding man will be satisfied.

If you need a ultimative luxury present choose some from our cashmere pieces. You can choose from shirts, T-shirts or knit. Do you looking for a more casual guy? We recommend a sweater or your Jogger-style pant. In the range of jackets you will also find something which will fit to your special demands.

If you need an advise which will be the right gift we looking forward to help you. Contact us under or chat directly with us at the webshop TALK.

Grab your chance to get 30% off

For the casual guy

The smart preacher is wearing a Hoody with our Jogger-style pant. Underneath he got our luxury cashmere-blend shirt

Get the look

Sweater Sebastian

499€ / 349€

Shirt Hannes Cashmere

399€ / 279€

Pant Paskal Cotton

329€ / 230€

For the luxury guy

If you need a gift for a demanding fellow we recommend some from your cashmere blend pieces. The preacher is wearing the cashmere-blend long sleeve shirt. We have also a casual 3/4 cashmere blend shirt. Look at some of our other cashmere-blend garments.

Buy the cashmere-blend styles

Knit Kurt

549€ / 384€

Double layer Thomas
345€ / 242€

Knit Kai

449€ / 314€

Tee Tobias

239€ / 167€

Knit Karl

349€ / 244€

Shirt Hannes

399€ / 279€

Shirt Heinrich

389€ / 272€

Do you need an advise?

If you need an advise for the right item we are looking forward to help you.

Tell us more about the person the gift is for. Likes he slim fit or more casual fit. Is he extroverted or unobtrusive. What is his job, his character. Which music he is listen to. Together with you we will find the right garment or maybe look for him. He will appreciate someone know him so well to get the right present. 

Feel free to contact us for a style-advise or at our webshop TALK


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