Sustainable fashion

Actually, what is sustainable fashion?
Be aware, sustainable fashion is not a defined term! We will explain our requirements for garments that deserve to be named sustainable by M. Gaida. Transparency for our customers is important.

Sustainable Design

Already the design is important for a sustainable product. Design is a combination of look and usability. Our design considers the long-life aspect, reparability and the option on easy personal fitting.

extra strong seamsdouble stitched pocket bagsreinforced critical pointspartly extra-wide seam-allowancerepair friendly pattern

Sustainable Fabrics

The correct choice of the used materials is important issue for sustainable garments. Our selection is based on origin, production method, and durability

only EU-originGerman originorganic fibresrecyled fibreslong-life qualityenviroment-friendly dying

Organic Fibres

Organic or Bio is also not a defined term. We use exculsivly organic fibres which are certificated by GOTS.
Organic cottonOrganic woolGOTS certificated

Sustainable Tailoring

In order to fulfill social and enviroment standards we decided that tailoring is proceeded exclusivly in the European Union.

Portugal TailoringGerman Tailoring

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