An other kind of business shirt

Express your personality in business!

A usual short sleeve shirt is not appropriate in many situations. But you will be always dressed correct with our ¾ sleeve shirt . This shirt gives you the opportunity to manage a business or formal appointment without renouncement your own style. We designed the shirt HEINRICH which could be seen as a reinvented business shirt or just a cool item.

The combination makes the difference. You can decide by your own the suitable expression. If you wear the shirt with a trouser it will fit really well for business or formal events. These shirt combined with our jogger pant PASKAL has the right look for clubbing or fun time on your skateboard.

The shirt will not fit only to each lifestyle situation of a modern man. It is also a unique wearing experience. We love highest quality and luxurious fabrics. This shirt is made of a cotton/cashmere-blend twill fabric from Thomas Masons. Thomas Mason is THE exclusivst shirt fabric mill. The softness of the fabric is unrivaled. The shirt nestle around your body.


M. Gaida winter collection 2017


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Shirt Heinrich

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